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Tips For Navigating One-Way Streets During Driving School

When you move from the classroom to behind the wheel of a car in your effort to graduate driving school, you'll often face a steep learning curve. While things such as parallel parking and highway driving might make you a little concerned, you should also give some thought to traveling on a one-way street. Your in-class component will have covered this topic, and you can thus expect your driving instructor to have you turn down this type of street. Driving on a one-way street can be a little unusual, but because it may appear on your driving exam, you want to feel comfortable with it. Here are some tips to remember. 

Evaluate The Parked Cars

Street parking is common on lots of one-way streets. While you can expect to see cars parked on your right side, you might occasionally find vehicles parked on your left, too. This can feel a little unsettling, as it may seem that you're traveling through a column of parked vehicles. Keeping an eye out for motorists who may be swinging open their doors to your right or your left is important. You should always evaluate how many vehicles are beside you and use this information to select your lane. For example, if there are predominantly cars parked on your right side, you may wish to signal and merge into the left lane simply to give the parked cars more space. 

Watch The Signs At Intersections

When you reach an intersection, whether there's a set of traffic lights or just a stop sign, you need to identify whether the road continues as a one-way street after the intersection — especially if you plan to proceed forward. One-way streets often end at a certain intersection, so you'll need to adjust how you drive if you'll be entering a street with oncoming traffic. For example, in the above scenario, you can't move into the left lane if there are lots of cars parked to your right. 

Beware Of Traffic-Calming Devices

Although it's not always the case, speed limits are often low on one-way streets. This means that you might encounter traffic-calming devices, such as asphalt or even rubber speed bumps, along your route. You don't to be a rough driver, so keep an eye out for these devices on the road ahead and slow your speed accordingly. Sometimes, you'll even see warning signs that indicate traffic-calming devices are on this road.

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