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How A Daycare Center That Uses Montessori Philosophy Can Benefit Your Child

The Montessori philosophy is not a set curriculum, instead, it is a set of guidelines that were inspired by the workings of physician and educator Maria Montessori, who opened the first Montessori school in Rome. The Montessori philosophy focuses on allowing students to engage in self-paced, yet teacher-guided, learning in an environment that nurtures respect and self-reliance. Here is how a daycare center that uses the Montessori philosophy can benefit your child:

Enhanced Self-Awareness

One benefit of participating in a program that utilizes Montessori philosophical techniques is having the ability to enhance a child's self-awareness. Your child will have the ability to interact and express themselves as they see fit, which means that they are expected to take responsibility for their actions and to understand how their actions are affecting other kids around them.

Teachers will guide discussions when necessary to help children understand how their words and actions help or hinder them and they can offer suggestions about how to be more aware of themselves and their behaviors. Becoming more self-aware at daycare should rub off on your child's behavior and attitude at home, too.

Increased Creativity

The Montessori philosophy encourages creativity through gameplay and learning activities. Children have the flexibility of deciding how to complete their projects or how to go about solving problems in their social groups. They are not forced to react or engage all in the same way. Differences of opinion and outlook are encouraged and respected.

This leaves plenty of room for your child to be creative with their actions and learning behaviors throughout the day. Putting their creativity to use regularly will help ensure that their creativity is utilized often in order to overcome challenges, accomplish goals, and even keep themselves occupied when they become bored at home.

Improved Independent Study Skills

Because the Montessori philosophy encourages self-reliance and self-paced learning, you can expect your child to learn a variety of independent study skills that they will take with them when entering grade school and when working on projects at home. Instead of relying on someone to be there and guide them through every math problem or while putting together a puzzle, your child will naturally learn the skills necessary to work on their own and only ask for help when it is really necessary.

Talk to a Montessori daycare provider to learn more about the philosophy and how your child can benefit from learning and playing in a Montessori setting.