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Little One Reached School Age? Why You Should Send Them To A Montessori Daycare

It can be bittersweet to realize that your child has reached the age when it's time for them to go to school. You're happy to see them progressing and growing up healthily and happily, but you also know that pretty soon they will no longer be that little bundle of joy that you first brought home from the hospital. As you are reviewing their educational options, you might have come across some material about Montessori daycare. Although the information seemed interesting, you might still be on the fence concerning whether you want your child to go to a public school or take the Montessori route. A Montessori school is definitely something special,and here are a couple of reasons why it's the best choice for your little one.

A Montessori Education Helps To Foster Independent Thinking

While you might long to shield your child away from the evils of the world, you know that it wouldn't be practical for you to do that. They need to grow and become their own person. This entails more than just getting a bigger body because it is possible for the physical body to grow while the mind is stunted and lags behind.

Your child needs to be in an environment where they are encouraged to think for themselves. Although they are small, it doesn't take a lot to foster this type of thinking. For example, students might be asked to pick out their learning materials from a number of options. This might not seem like a big deal, but it actually means a lot for a child to know that they are in an environment where their mind is honored and respected.

Montessori Education Promotes Self-Directed Learning

After the students have chosen their lessons, they are then basically allowed to complete them in ways that feel right to them. Montessori education is all about letting the children see that they have the ability to be autonomous learners. Children work alone or in small groups to get their assignments done. If they need help, the teacher is right there to serve more in the guide role as opposed to the dictator position.

A Montessori education is something that is sure to have a positive effect on your child for a lifetime. Get them started on the right track and watch them become independent, productive citizens who are able to follow the beat of their own drum.